Thursday, November 6, 2008

Burger Bomber

The senior Palate was a member of the “Climactic Crusaders”, an Army division assigned to the Natick Army Labs in Natick, Massachusetts. These American heroes put their lives at risk testing the weather resistance of the linings of spacesuits, boots and helmets (for the then up and coming space program in the late 50s). These are the men that are featured in Tom Wolfe’s “The Right Stuff” and in a wing of The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. These are men that were sent into pressure and high wind chambers, dunked into sub-zero water, and lit on fire, all in the name of the people of he United States of America.

It is with that spirit, that I bring my “Burger Quest 2008” to a close. Like the “Climactic Crusaders”, I have given myself for you, my country. While my gastroenterologist, and mother, have pleaded with me not to go, I serve a higher calling-one that will not rest until I have sampled the burgerliciousness of some of the well known, and not so well known, joints in the area. Though I come out of these places on a proverbial stretcher, I do so to serve and salute you, because I am…a “Cow Crusader”.

I decided to go back to British Beer Works to give a burger a whirl. It was much better than the “Pasty” I had a couple of weeks ago. It was one of the better burgers I’ve had locally recently. I have decided to forego the fried sides, and got a Thai Asian Cole Slaw. That was a terrible mix of flavors-the traditional beefy burger with a sweet vinegary Cole slaw. Standing alone, they both tasted good…but together, it was like Sheriff Cole on one side and Billy Jack on the other side of my mouth. Go for the burger, get the fries…it’s the Fred and Barney, Darren and Samantha or Jerry and George of food. Some things just go together.

Tomorrow, I hope to get to the Met Bar for their lunch burger, and put the final nail in the Burger Quest coffin. Until then…please welcome…Mayor McCheese.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the recognition but there were only 23 of us .. not a division .... desert gear in the heat chamber .. arctic gear in the cold chamber .. and on top of mt washington ...
senior palate

Anonymous said...

Eric I heard you last night on Jordan's show speaking about the pasty. It was clear you do not undertand what a "pasty" is. It comes from the traditionaal English "Cornish Pasty". Never a very tasty thing-but an obvous disch in the BBW!.

Eric Weinstein said...

I understood what it was, but the description in the menu had me expecting an entirely different flavor profile. I did enjoy the burger on my next visit.