Saturday, April 14, 2007

Walk the line...

Many years ago, before pop-up ad blockers, I clicked on a solicitation for To complete registration, you needed to answer some questions, including “what is your pet peeve?” My answer then (over 10 years ago) is almost the same now-people that bring 10 items to an “8 item or less” express lane at the supermarket, but line etiquette is a close second.

There are just some people that don’t understand the concept of a line. There’s a fine “line” between being too far away from someone in line, and being too close, like Judge Reinhold being a “close talker” on “Seinfeld”. I have come to realize that nothing drives me more nuts (besides Celine Dion) than someone who doesn’t really move up in line as people in front of them move forward, and someone behind me that is practically in my pants because he won’t give me my space.

So, to the woman in front of me at Starbucks this afternoon, I say this: move up! Unless there’s some toxic substance coming out of the person in front of you, you don’t need to leave 10 feet between the two of you. Don’t give them a bear hug, but geez, move up a little, so the people behind you don’t have to use smoke signals to place their order. And, by the way, after making us wait a half-mile from the counter, please feel free to talk to the “barista” about feeding your cats vegetarian food that you make from scratch…while making us all wait. But, to the guy behind me, three things: brush your teeth, take a shower, and BACK UP!!! He was so close, I can still taste what he ate for lunch...something with onions, and garlic, I think. Elayne doesn’t get quite as close to me as this guy. After having this guy behind me, I think I need to be hosed off.

A few random thoughts:

American Idol--only two of the top 7 can sing with any real skill…Sanjaya and Uncle Fester.

Survivor…who cares anymore? Recycled. Boring. No eye candy.

“The Shooter” with Marky Mark Wahlberg, but no Funky Bunch or prosthetic appendage---pretty good, though Danny Glover is recycling his “Roger Murdoch” from the “Lethal Weapon” series, except in this movie, he’s just phoning it in as a bad guy with a bad lisp (btw, who’s the genius that decided to name it “lisp” so the people that have it can’t pronounce it. Nithe, real nithe) Ned Beatty too…I preferred him in “Deliverance.”

“The 300”—“We are…………..Spartans!”

Tiny bubbles/in the wine/make me happy/make me feel fine.
Aloha Don…loved you in the Brady Bunch (Hawaii episodes). Great cameo, along with Vincent Price.

Don’t forget to tip your hula dancers…enjoy the poi!