Friday, January 6, 2012

dearly departed

Admittedly, for years, my favorite part of award shows, be it the Emmys, Golden Globes (no, I’m not referring to Lindsey Lohan’s recent Playboy photo shoot) or the Oscars, is the “In Memoriam” segment. I like to see who’s played their last scene in the movie of life. I took this to a much higher level several years ago, when I subscribed to “” which provides email or text messages when some celebrity, or quasi-celebrity fades away.

A friend of mine recently told me about a “death pool” at work. You need to list people you think will die this coming year, and if you’re right, at the end, you win some cash. While I’m not entering, I’m think after watching “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”, Dick Clark has to be on everyone’s list. And maybe the aforementioned Ms. Lohan.

Reviewing a few of the names of the dearly departed from this past year…

Harry Morgan-in the M*A*S*H realm, you have the “Winchester v. Burns”, “Trapper John vs. B.J” and “Klinger vs. Radar” debates, but no debate is more active than “Col. Potter v. Col. Blake”. I, for one, am a huge Potter fan. I found McLean Stevenson’s portrayal of the civilian doctor unequipped to run an Army hospital funny, but unrealistically so. I found better humor in trying to integrate a career army doctor into running a hospital full of misfit conscribed doctors just trying to survive. To me, Harry Morgan was the consummate character actor, and his portrayal of Col. Potter was his all-time best.

Joe Frazier-“down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier”. An iconic expression arising from iconic battles between iconic fighters known only as “Ali” or “Frazier”. This was when boxing was a real sport and the fights lived up to the hype.

Andy Rooney-an ironic coincidence that he died only a week or so after his last show. Someone knew something, though his departure from the show came several years too late. Whenever he would begin “you ever wonder…” I would wonder why he’s on tv.

Al Davis-a bootstrapper who rose from the ranks of junior waterboy to coach/owner/ceo of the Oakland Raiders. A Jewish football legend that dressed like an 80 year old Boca Raton pimp.

Cliff Robertson-he was JFK and Uncle Ben, and I don’t mean the rice guy. “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Amy Winehouse-like a dog whistle, she was lost on me. A big “so what-no surprise”.

Sherwood Schwartz-the hero of my youth. Creator of Gilligan’s Island AND the Brady Bunch. Evil genius!

Betty Ford-I raise a glass in her honor.

Gil Scott-Heron-I still remember vividly his performance of “Johannesburg” on SNL back in the late 70s. “Say what’s the word? Johannesburg”. As I always say, “the revolution will not be televised”.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage-who’s gonna sell me my Slim-Jims? Ohhhh yeah!

Sidney Lumet-how can I not recognize this man for his contributions to this very blog. The director of “Network”, he made me mad as hell, and I’m not taking it anymore. “Attica, Attica…”

Gerry Rafferty-singer/songwriter-his “Baker Street” plays a prominent role in “Good Will Hunting” but whose “Stuck in the Middle With You” plays an even more prominent and scarier role in “Reservoir Dogs”.

Steve Jobs-who was this guy, and what did he do again? Changed the way we listen to music, the way we compute, the way we communicate…Oh yeah, changed the world.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Emptying out the file cabinet of my mind

Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts…surprisingly upscale and skeevy. I think there’s a line-up in front of Hagen Daaz.

Wondering why every food court purveyor is either fried food or some version of Asian cuisine. I've written this before that each food court is filled with the same this what America has come to? Eating the same foods but with different names? Funny, the sample of bourbon chicken tastes the same as the sample of pineapple chicken, which tastes suspiciously like the sample of chicken teriyaki, which tastes the same as tangerine chicken, which tastes the same as blackened chicken. Wtf??? Is it just being cooked in a central commissary out of view? Certainly seems so, because that steam table cuisine tastes 3 days old.

Some weirdos hanging out at Barnes and Noble tonight in Burlington. The guy sitting next to me is breathing like Darth Vader, and when I pointed out that he dropped a twenty-dollar bill on the floor, he looked at me as if I told him his ass is hanging out. He's in his thirties, reading anime surprise, single. In fact, he’s watching me type this…hello Darth…

The couple across from me should probably get a hotel room, or at least bring some birth control with them next time. They really should be sitting in the sexuality and health department, but they're putting on quite a demonstration tonight. Seriously, the guy was looking through a book on the Karma Sutra, and now apparently, he’s looking to act out each position, here in the cafĂ©. The parents of a 13 year old girl sitting nearby are making her move. They may be calling the police too…

Is it strange that I'm in a bookstore reading a book on my iPad? How do these places stays in business? I think the clock is ticking, and the Nook isn’t going to rescue them.

Went to the new Wegmans in Northborough, MA tonight. Holy crap! Huge, daunting, and I probably need to go into training to take this place on. Haven’t been to too many supermarkets selling LA Crueset cookware and other fancy accoutrements. A lot of everything, and a food court and seating area that rivals most major malls. Here's a picture of my dinner. The closest to “food porn” I’ve come.

Love Discovered some real gems from the 60s and 70s. Wondering why B.J. Thomas doesn’t get more respect. For serious pipes, listen to “Mighty Clouds of Joy” or “Most of All”. For that matter, John Denver has surprised me as well, and Pandora has solidified my respect for Judith Durham.

In a few weeks, I'll be back on the Jordan Rich sow, talking breakfast joints and our favorite wakeup foods. I've been eating more breakfasts lately, and have some thoughts to share, but feel free to write me, or to call in to the radio show on January 21 to talk about your favorites.

Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.