Monday, September 10, 2012

Thank, you, thank you

Got a nice email as a result of the radio show:

"Hi Jordan,

just have to comment on last night's program.
 Truly enjoyed the interaction between you and Eric.  Laughed out loud at the humor exhibited by both of you throughout the program.
 Like one of your callers, I too, was salivating as the various sandwiches were described.

 Everything "clicked" last night.  Great synergy between you and your guest, the callers and the producers around the topic; music selections were also great.  This must have been one of your best and a personal favorite of yours.

 Look forward to Eric's return, and I am sure it will be just as much fun.  I have skimmed through his web site and will be spending more time there.

You and Eric may find "The Rochester NY Pizza Blog" (An exploration of pizza in and around Rochester, NY, one pizzeria at a time) of interest:


Eric says:  Mike, thanks for the kind words.  Since I occasionally spend time in Rochester, I will check out your blog...always need to find places to eat up there other than Dinosaur BBQ.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The beginning of the sandwich sojourn...

In an effort to eat healthier, treating my body as the temple it isn’t, I embarked on “Sandwich Quest 2012”.   Enough of the salads and fruit cups, it was time to get busy eating and sampling sandwiches from a variety of purveyors, in preparation for my appearance on “The Jordan Rich Show” on WBZ, 1030AM, on September 8.  I ate high and low, from the Cape, to the White Mountains of NH.  From Amherst, MA to Boston…I stuffed my face with stuffed bread.  Without further ado, and much ado about nothing, here are some highlights (and lowlights) from my journeys across the highways and bi-ways of New England.

Roast Beef at Fenway
Boston, Massachusetts:  custom cut roast beef at Fenway…way back in June, as I began this journey, Junior Palate and I attended a Sox game, when they still had a chance to not be the worst team in baseball.  Sick of the same old offerings, I took a long walk around the park to see what new ways the Red Sox ownership has come up to separate my money and me.  I’m glad I took that walk, because I stumbled upon the sliced-to-order deli stand under home plate. 

I ordered a roast beef sandwich, and I actually enjoyed it.  I prefer my roast beef a little more seasoned, but it was served on a fresh bulkie roll, with cole slaw or potato salad, and it was very pleasant treat compared to the greasy hot dog/burger/sausage that we usually have to choke down and try to keep down.  Definitely a nice addition to the usual selections of ballpark foods.

Framingham, Massachusetts:  Kofte at “Mediterranean/Turkish” in Saxonville.  I was very excited to try Mediterranean/Turkish down in this small, quaint village of Framingham (that’s like saying Kabul is quaint).  Saying this is nothing more than a storefront the size of a closet would be an overstatement…spacious it’s not, but kind of delicious, it is.

Chicken Schwarma

I love these little “mom and pop” shops, and had high hopes.  The Boston Globe gave it very high marks, and I went there in hungry anticipation.  I ordered the “kofte”, which is season ground beef, in the shape of a patty, served inside a pita wrap, with tzaziki sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion.  I will say that I thought it was quite good, but really a Middle Eastern hamburger.  I have been back a few times, and ordered their falafel this last visit, along with chicken schwarma, and was very impressed with the taste and quality.  I wish they had better parking and exposure, but with the Globe touting it, hopefully it’s here to stay.

Chicken Pesto

Natick, Massachusetts:  chicken pesto from North End Treats in Natick-I have been here twice, and both times…disappointed.  The price to value ratio is way off for the sandwiches, and honestly, both times, I felt ill after eating there.  They appear to have a nice selection of desserts, but I’ve never indulged.  Given my stomach’s reaction to their food, I won’t be heading back.

Tomorrow, more from the sandwich front…