Friday, February 26, 2016

Because spots are rolling...

New Connoisseurs Corner spots started running yesterday, and listeners (or those that can't listen) often ask about the topics, so as always, I'm posting (in a few parts), typed up versions of my crib notes for the spots.  Please tune in to WBZ 1030am, or check us out on in a couple of weeks when the recordings are posted on the website for your listening pleasure.

Without further ado, here are the first few spots.

1.  Zayde’s in Canton (home made corned beef)

I love little local shops that offer something a little different or unique…my wife happened to stumble into Zayde’s Kosher Market in Cobb Corner in Canton, MA.

This is more than your usual Kosher market.  Previously known as the Butcherie II, about a year ago they changed their name and I think gives it a homier feel.  But more than the name, the food tastes like home.  With fresh prepared foods to go, including soups, marinated and cooked meats and traditional foods like stuffed cabbage and chicken schnitzel, and bagels straight from Brooklyn, they’re gaining real traction.  But, to me, the most interesting, and tasty items was their home-made corned beef.  This is not your deli-counter, plastic-wrapped corned beef, but a tender cut of beef, seasoned and cooked slowly, rendered into a sublime treat for your mouth.

With a dearth of real delis (there’s even a book called “Save the Deli”), the choices are few, but sometimes a market holds a few surprises, and home-made corned beef at Zayde’s is one!


2.  Vin Bin

Since I normally focus on food, I don’t want you to get nervous when I mention the Vin Bin in Marlborough, Southborough and Hopkinton, and  Just a month or so ago, I asked a colleague for advice on a new, unknown, hidden jewel for lunch, and she put me onto the Vin Bin on Route 9 in Southborough.

In a non-descript plaza across from the reservoir, the Vin Bin disguises itself as a wine and craft beer shop, but in both its Marlborough and Southborough locations, they have cafĂ© where you can order extremely well-made and tasty sandwiches, Panini, soups and salads.  With high quality chips and other accompaniments, as well as cold drinks, and plenty of seating, I really enjoyed my roast beef sandwich, which was made with  pepper crusted slow roasted beef, horseradish mayo, vermont cheddar, arugula, tomato, ciabatta, and my colleague enjoys the Shoemaker, which is house made chicken salad, pancetta, mayo, red onion, celery, lettuce, tomato,  ciabatta.  These are terrific shops with helpful people, making delicious food.  Adding to the experience is the cheese counter where you can sample and purchase high-end cheese.  The Vin Bin is a “Vinner”!

Check it out at: The Vin Bin


3.  Concord Cheese Shop

For the first time ever, THE CHEESE SHOP OF CONCORD has launched a cheese-of-the-month club.
Artisinal and imported cheeses are expensive, but if cheese is your thing... each months' package includes a different themed assortment of 1.5 lbs. of cheese
The club includes crackers, notes on pairing suggestions, and a bonus gift of jam/chutney/nuts/tea or olive oil.
February's theme is Great Cheeses of Massachusetts (did you know there are more than 100 made here in the Commonwealth?)
You can pick up at the shop, or have it shipped Priority Mail for a few bucks more and you can join the club for 3, 6 or 12 months.
A unique personal or corporate gift idea.
Call THE CHEESE SHOP OF CONCORD at 978-369-5778 or check out the website here.  


4.  Every Sunday, tens of thousands of readers open up their Sunday Boston Globe Magazine and drool over its recipes and luscious food photography.
The man behind those images, a talented local artist named Jim Scherer, is exhibiting a collection of his works in Milton at FRUIT CENTER MARKETPLACE from now thru the end of March.
This mouth-watering display of sensuous plums, juicy green apples and burst pomegranates is free to the public, and can be enjoyed daily during Marketplace hours.
Don't miss this deliciously unique art show, located next to the brand-new restaurant, The Plate, on the mezzanine level of Fruit Center.
FruitCenter Marketplace is at 10 Bassett Street in East Milton Square.


5.  Eating isn’t just about the food on the table, but the table itself.  As you know, you eat first with your eyes. 

A new shop in Newton has opened recently with the memorable name of: GREENTAIL TABLE
Every item on its shelves has been meticulously curated and includes items you will not find anywhere else in metrowest ...much is made from natural and sutainable materials.
from simple ceramic bowls fired in The Imperial Ovens of Japan, to Italian cocktail glasses imbedded with real silver
and from hand-printed kitchen linens to copper candlesticks ... and so much more you'll need an hour to take it all in !

Need a gift for a food loving friend, relative, co-worker or hostess ?  Stop by GREENTAIL TABLE at 343 Watertown Street in Newton.
You can check it out before you go at


Coming up...more spots!