Sunday, May 6, 2012

Foodie Café. Framingham is known for its wonderful selection of chain restaurants. From fast-food to sit-down, we have something for everyone when it comes to chains or franchises. What this area needs, and any area for that matter, is more locally-owned eateries. Foodie Café is just such a place. About a month ago, I read a short review in the While I questioned the editorial style and content of the article, it piqued my interest and I stuck it in the back of my head. When fate brought me past there last week, I immediately knew I had to stop for lunch.

Foodie Café’s location on Fountain Street can best be described as “nondescript”; it occupies the side of a building that also houses “Belcher’s Appliances”, a long-time family business. Seems like an odd place for a new restaurant, but there are plenty of small businesses down in that part of Framingham, and perhaps the rent is cheap. Nevertheless, after getting a sandwich, I say “about time Framingham had a decent sandwich shop” and I bet people will not only stumble upon Foodie Café, but seek it out.

 Foodie Café is really a take-out sandwich shop, with seating for about 10 people at small tables. They have a nice sandwich menu, fresh soups and salads, and a pleasant display on prepared-on-site cupcakes. The owners working the counter seemed genuinely excited that people have found them, and the quality of my sandwich (made in a wide-open kitchen) reflected that spirit. While my bag of chips could be found at any Cumberland Farms, my “Hot Turkey” was a very pleasant surprise. Served hot, it was sliced turkey, red onion, tomato and chipotle mayo, pressed in a Panini grill. Though it took me ten minutes to get back to my office, the sandwich was still hot and very tasty.

 The first words out of my mouth to my colleague after I finished, was “we’re going back”. I urge you to go, and go again and again. Foodie Café is exactly what we need in Framingham. Support your local business.