Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chicken Soup

There’s a reason that a best-selling self-help series of books is called “Chicken Soup for the…”. Chicken soup has been referred to as “Jewish Penicillin”, and with good reason-you feel good while eating it, and for a while after. Chicken soup holds a special place for sick adults and children everywhere…it’s the ultimate comfort food.

With that in mind, I’m rolling out my next food quest-Comfort Foods 2011…maybe “Quomfort Quest”?

No matter what the name, it should be delicious. My research, once again done for your pleasure, will culminate with an appearance on “The Jordan Rich Show” on January 29, 2011 from midnight-3:30 a.m. discussing all things comfort food. Feel free to post your thoughts here, or email me, and I’ll try to eat my way to comfort.

Until then, stay hungry my friends.

Berenstain Bears get religion…

I recently saw a story that the publisher for the “Berenstain Bears” moved the bear books to their religious books division for a 12 book series, which issued some new titles, such as “The Berenstain Bears say their prayers” or “The Berenstain Bears go to Sunday School.”

The bears hold a special place in our house. Both my kids loved these stories, the videos and the read-along books on tape. Their wholesome (but not religious), humanistic message taught acceptance, respect, manners and positive family values. We love the Bears!

Over the years, I did notice that the cubs never really grew up. I think it’s high time that they do and the authors start writing about growing up in Bear County. I think there must be some bears from the wrong side of the woods…bad influences, so to speak. So sit a spell, grab a six-pack of “hard honey”, and enjoy some the new titles I’d like to see: “Sister Bear is caught ‘sexting’”; “Brother Bear tries ‘Crank’”; “That ain’t honey in Papa Bear’s jug” and “Mama Bear and her crystal meth lab…” Considering the Bears have been around since 1964, but just had another baby just a few years ago, maybe “Papa Bear gets a vasectomy” or “Mama Bear tries the NuvaRing” are in order.

I have a feeling the publisher will be going in a slightly different direction from my suggestion. Probably a good thing.