Saturday, April 13, 2013

Random thoughts...

After my meat-quest from February down in Austin, Texas, Jordan Rich and I decided that a show featuring healthier eating choices might be in order.  That, and a stern talking-to by my gastroenterologist…nothing gets someone one the right track more than a colonoscopy.

Join us at midnight on Saturday night, April 27, to talk with us about eating healthier, and incorporating healthier choices in to your meals.  There will be serious talk, and fun and frivolity, as always.

Now, emptying out a few items from the “garbage drawer” of my mind…

My Texas trip in April definitely proved to me that Texans might have some crazy political ideas, but are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  Everything is bigger in Texas, including their goodwill towards men!  Hook ‘em horns!

The Tilted Kilt Pub and Eateries put Hooters to shame.  The owner says that one of his “rules” is to portray class.  I think he means “shows ass”…check out a few shots from their website…  Thanks “Undercover Boss” for putting me on to this.

A recent study proved that men who stare at large breasted women live longer.  Apparently the guys working at the Tilted Kilt will live forever.

I am embarking tomorrow on a third college tour trip with Junior Palate (how did I get so old?), to the Midwest.  Are bratwursts a healthier eating choice?

Each time I do these tours, I long for the good old days…get a copy of Barron’s Guide to Colleges, see how your scores and grades match up, send away for an application, send it back with a check, and wait.  Now, each trip is preceded with internet research, reviewing the local area via Bing or Google Maps, planning out each minute to see the area, then getting hours long admission presentations with Powerpoints, videos, marching band appearances…you get the point.  Colleges sell themselves harder than ever, and are harder than ever to get in to…they are expert marketers selling nothing but possibilities of hopes and dreams, grabbing thousands in application fees, then dashing those hopes and dreams making themselves look more exclusive, and hence, more attractive than ever…it’s a killer cycle, as anyone who has been through this process recently understands.  Managing expectations is very difficult, and the results can be tragically nuclear.  At least Josh and I are getting to see some new places… with hopes and dreams of admission possibilities.  Anyone have a bunker we can hide in until next April 1?

With the Boston Marathon running on Monday, April 15, I want to say that I admire and respect those that train long, lonely hours to get chafed over 26 miles.  I’m in shape (round is a shape, right?), but I get winded walking to the bathroom.  I’ll never run a marathon, but good luck to all my friends and acquaintances running on Monday, especially to those running to raise awareness, and money for various illnesses and charities. 

Next up, a review of college town eateries, with some hopefully healthier choices.  Until next time, eat often.