Sunday, November 16, 2008

I've got Flair!!!

First there were video games…then the internet…then blogging…now, the ultimate black hole time sink…it’s got style, it’s got “flair”…it’s f-ing!!!!

I know I can waste time with the best of them…if only I could harness this power for good and not evil…but Facebook is like that lady in a fudge shop offering you a little sample (or a crack dealer)…she sucks you in with the sublime taste of fresh fudge (or fresh crack), like Facebook, with new friends you haven’t seen or heard from in 20 years. It’s awesome, yet it sucks beyond words.

Frankly, I enjoy connecting and re-connecting with old friends and those happy accidents of stumbling upon someone you haven’t spoken with in years. By the way, I am available for “friending.”

But it’s not just the friends. Sure, I like wine, but every now and then, I like some hard liquor. So when I don’t want to “friend” anyone for a while, I go to the hard liquor of Facebook-the games. Word Twist, Challenge Sudoku, Pathwords and now Mindjolt games (thanks, M-Gran!) I am sensing my evenings slipping away, while playing “just one more game”. I can quit anytime…I don’t have a problem…really.

Random thoughts (just to keep me off Facebook for a while)—

What’s up with the “his and hers” bathtubs at the end of the Cialis commercial? Wouldn’t it be better if they were in the same one? Is Cialis that potent, or were they showing us hour “37”?

Shouldn’t Damien Woodie be the Cialis spokeman?

Now that I’m not on the “Burger Quest”, I am really in the mood for a burger.

BTW, I did get a talking to by my doctor…and my mother.

In this time of economic turmoil, I think it was the perfect time for Starbucks to roll out its new “Clover” machine and charge $3.00 for a cup of coffee. Anyone want to tell them they lost 97% of their value last quarter?

For those of you interested in my appearance on Jordan’s show, I have CDs available for shipping, free of charge. Email me and I’ll drop one in the mail to you. I can barely keep up with the requests, so get yours in time for Hanukah!

Thanks to Jordan, for having me on and putting together a high-quality recording.

You’ve been great. Now please welcome…Gerry Williams.


Anonymous said...

I'm joining today. Was waiting for the "tipping point" as it comes up more and more with "adults". This is the sign from God that Sarah Palin and I have been thinking.

Holly Ann King said...

Facebook - Love it, hate it, and read all about it in Wired Oct 2007. Now I can skip the reunions though....

Eric Weinstein said...

And just you can read blogs from old classmates too...