Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Okay, now just one more thing...

Is there anyone now who thinks the Congressional Hearing for Clemens isn’t a bag job? He’s going to Capital Hill a few days a week, signing autographs and posing for pictures, and you expect the committee members to attack him? Damn, they’ll be serving him cocktails. Henry Waxman could be sticking a needle of HGH in Clemens’ ass at the table in chambers and they would believe it if Clemens said he’s never done anything but B1-12 and Lidocaine.

I had higher hopes, frankly, but why should I? This is Congress we’re talking about. Now, given the behavior of everyone involved, I fully expect them to treat Clemens like a king and McNamee like the court jester. Once they waived off Andy Pettite, claiming he has nothing to add, I knew this was a bag job. Nothing to add???!!! He’s the one guy who trained most with Clemens and has admitted taking HGH from McNamee during their three-way relationship, and Congress says “he’s got nothing to add.” He can testify to Roger getting it in the ass...and I mean the HGH of course.

What do you call 450 troglodytic half-wits in a room?

The House of Representatives.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Mark Russell…

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