Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a few more things...

Opening American Idol with Brooke, singing Carole King’s “Beautiful” from one of the greatest albums ever-“Tapestry”-gave me hope that there might be something in this season, even if she hasn’t ever seen an “R”-rated movie.

If anyone doubts Carole King’s greatness, and place in musical history, besides her own hits off of “Tapestry”, check out these hits she wrote, just to name a few, made famous by other artists:

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (The Shirelles)
Take Good Care of my Baby (Bobby Vee)
The Locomotion (Little Eva)
One Fine Day (The Chiffons)
Pleasant Valley Sunday (The Monkees, or whatever studio musicians were pretending to be the Monkees)
Up on the Roof (The Drifters)
You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Women (Aretha Franklin)
Hi-De-Ho (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
You’ve Got a Friend (James Taylor)

Sooooooooooooooo, Amy Winehouse…why bother going to rehab, because you’ll never rise to this level!

Special shout out to my fellow Massachusetts alum, Natalie Cole, who, no doubt after reading my post yesterday, came out and trashed Winehouse.

Speaking of “R”-rated movies, I need to get back to “Rambo” for a moment. My favorite part-Ken Howard, a/k/a “The White Shadow”, shows up in a brief cameo. He plays a “Pastor” from Colorado. I’ll tell you, I half expected to see Salami and Goldstein tossing the “rock” around while some funky saxophone-guitar riff is playing in the background-just what Rambo and Burma needs! Throw in Coolidge, and Haywood with that funky hat, and that’s a recipe for success.

Just needed to share.

Enjoy Darlene Love ladies and gentlemen…


Anonymous said...

I thinks someone is feeding you the Amy Winehouse and Natalie Cole information. I never understand your last statements. Who are these people?

Eric Weinstein said...

Two people commented to me off-line about Amy Winehouse, so I threw them out there.

Natalie Cole came to me through People Magazine daily emails, and someone else that forwarded it to me.

As for the references at the end, mostly they are obscure "one hit wonders", the kind you would find playing a free show in some Vegas bar. Occasionally, like Darlene Love or Mark Russell, they are high-level stars.

You could always "google" the names. Ever hear of the "internet"?