Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have decided that, at least for the women, this is definitely the top 12...the top 12 best looking.

It’s nice they put Carly in a dress that matches her tattoos.

Uh oh…Garret Haley/Leif Garret/Lance Kerwin/James at 17 goes home.

Amy Davis…her cups runneth over…and out.

Joanne…I’m sure she got the warning from the Psychic Friends Hotline.

Colton Shore…going home. This is a surprise. There are at least a half-dozen other guys who could have gone home tonight, even Danny “General Manuel” Noriega. Like his separated at birth twin, Boris Becker, Colton just didn’t spend much time at the top.

Colton’s dad is still giving Simon the “you talkin’ to me?” look. Simon better get an escort to his car…he’s not dealing with Rupert Pupkin.

Until next week, when we waste more time…watching the worst top 18.

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