Friday, June 19, 2009

The Senior Palate Speaks Chinese!

I’ve been doing a lot of “wokking” about lately, and continue to eat my way through the Asian delights of the MetroWest and surrounding area.

So far, as I noted the other day, I’ve eaten at Royal East (Cambridge-big surprise), Lavender and Lotus Blossom (Sudbury), Lotus Flower, Imperial China, Sichuan Gourmet, Eo Noodle and Taste of China (Framingham), The Wok (Wellesley), Taam China and Chef Chang’s (Brookline), Shanghai-Tokyo in Natick.

But, in the spirit of equal opportunity, I gave the Senior Palate, the King of All Asian Buffets, an opportunity to share his thoughts on the Asian buffets that seemingly pop-up everywhere. As someone who travels throughout New England, and who has consumed his fair share of Asian delights over the years, he feels qualified to share his thoughts. Frankly, anyone with a stomach is probably qualified.

Here are a few snippets from a recent email from the Senior Palate. Bear in mind that he doesn’t know the name of many of these places, and doesn’t really care. He knows how to find them (isn’t that what’s really important?):

From SP (my comments in italics):

“I rate these on the basis of quality and variety and taste and THE COST --if I am spending my money I want to get my money’s worth (coming from the man who once ate 19 lobsters at one meal…yes, he likes to get his money’s worth).

The best overall buffet is in S. Portland Maine -- on the Maine Mall road -- the Great Wall buffet.. I rate this the best because of quality and taste and variety of food --THE ABSOLUTE BEST IN NEW ENGLAND (nothing says fine Asian Buffet dining more than “Maine”. It’s known for that.)

Staying up north we have one in Manchester, NH-- going up 93 to 293 take the first exit (S. Willow St) at the end of the ramp take a right -- about 1/4 mile on the left is a shopping plaza and in there is a pretty good buffet – can’t think of the name

IN NASHUA -- go up Rte 3 to exit 7w and follow the road about 1/2 mile on the left-a buffet that is pretty good (he can sniff these out, like a bloodhoud on the trail).

Not far from the house there’s the Marlborough Super Buffet: pretty good and worth the money--Rte 20 in the Staples plaza (I’ll have an eggroll and some paper clips please…that was easy!)

Hudson Super Buffet is also good -- take a right after Tucks Truck on Rte 85 and a little ways down on the left across from the cemetary (perfect for post-burial shiva).

Lotus Flower in Framingham –the price to value ratio doesn’t work.

Buffet on Rte 16 in Milford on the right near the industrial park is ok

Buffet in Webster is just so-so --- off of 395, Exit 2 heading south take a right at the end of the ramp and at the lights take a right and an immediate left into the parking lot right next to the Gulf gas station (and I thought there was nothing in Webster).

In Connecticut, off of Rte 84 in Manchester ( exit 63 or 64 ) is one that is pretty good (skip Rein’s, and hit the buffet, where they serve Kung Pao Pastrami)...

Also in CT, Exit 16 off of Rte 91--Main St, Meriden... end of ramp take a right and a little ways up on the left is one that is so-so (did you expect anything more? How can Meriden compete with South Portland Maine).

Anyways, tune in to WBZ 1030 at midnight, Friday/Saturday June 19/20 when we talk Asian cusine.

You’ve been great…enjoy Toshiko Akioshi..

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