Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Idol and other things...who gives a crap?

For the two or three of you that have missed me, I’m back. The rest of you, I’m sure, are saying, “who gives a crap.” That’s why I’m here, for you to give a crap about…

There’s so much time, so little to do…strike that, reverse it.

So much to complain about or comment on, let me start by saying: Am I the only person in America that thought this was one of the worst American Idol seasons ever? Ok, I get it; keep telling us how good they are and maybe we’ll start believing it. Sure, you can keep telling me the mole on my arm looks like Nixon’s profile, but I know better (Not a tooooomah), just like I do with the one-trick ponies on AI. Come on, whenever Archuletta sings, he looks like he’s gonna cry, and the songs all sound the same. Why are the teeny-boppers so high on this kid? He’s got no rhythm, no ability to sing something upbeat, and a stage father that makes Lebron’s mother look tame. I’m telling you, that guy was throwing down the “East Side” at David Cook’s mother. I thought we were gonna have an American Idol “smackdown”. With Michael Buffer in the house, I was hoping we were getting ready to rumble.

No matter, because in a week or two, no one will remember, or care about, who won American Idol. To me, it’s gone the way of Survivor: scripted predictability.

Sidney Pollack died this week. He directed several great movies (Three Days of the Condor, The Way We Were, They Shoot Horses Don’t They…) and he had a gift of getting the most out of actors. Twelve actors or actresses that were featured in his films were nominated or won Academy Awards for those roles. He also directed “Tootsie” and for those of you that know me personally, you know that I can’t stand cross-dressing jokes-the cheapest laugh in show businesses. “Oh yeah, that’s funny. A guy in a dress and another guy lusting after him/her not realizing he’s a guy. Damn, that’s brilliant.” From Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, to Dustin Hoffman to Martin Lawrence…that joke sucks.

Went to Ted Turner’s “Ted’s Montana Grill” in Westborough this past weekend for our 17th anniversary. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking-what went wrong? 20 years ago, apparently Elayne’s good sense the day I proposed. It must have been the liquor back then…or the heroin.

Back to Ted’s…I had a Bison rib-eye steak, with sautéed mushrooms and onion and (Mom, stop reading here) onion rings! I’ve had my share of greasy “Bloomin’ Onions” in my day, but these rings were the best I’ve ever had. The steak was ok, and next time, I’ll order regular cow, without the lemon butter finish, but all in all, a good dining experience and I look forward to taking our kids there because our son will enjoy it. Thankfully, I’ve raised carnivores, though my sister has been working hard on the vegetarian thing with Tofurkey and Tofu Pups (veggie hot dogs for the uninitiated.) No serving death for her. She’ll leave that to me.

I’m not done yet, but I am leaving in a few minutes to go see “Indiana Jones and the Legend of the Crystal Skull Cap.” He’s half-Jewish, you know. Not sure which though…the bottom or the top. So’s Shia LaBeouf…of course, with a name like that.

Tonight will be like going back in a time warp a little. I till remember seeing the second movie “…Temple of Doom” back in 1984 with Hugh, Lou, Steve and our late friend John. This is the same theatre where we saw Scarface…oh, the good times.

Over the next few days, watch for more posts, especially my review of “Indiana…”

You’ve been great. For now, enjoy Human League…

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I never liked milton berle.