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The spots are running and the smoker is lit...

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Primo XL with Pitmaster IQ120
1:00a.m. on May 22, 2016
If it ever gets warm here in Massachusetts, we will enter grilling and barbecuing season, and like every year, there is a proliferation of equipment, books and other items that tend to capture the imagination of the grill master; I thought we would talk a little bit about one of my favorite springtime pastimes, reading all the new bbq books…(Full disclosure-I do NOT benefit in any way of you purchase these books, whether through the Amazon link or otherwise.  I promote them because I think they are worthy of your time, but I receive nothing in return, other than your satisfaction with the recommendation-If you read any of these, I’d love to hear from you at 

Steven Raichlen and me
Project Smoke” by Steven Raichlen is a great book released May 10, 2016.  Steven is the host of “Project Smoke”, broadcast nationally on PBS and has written New York Times bestselling books on barbecuing and grilling, including “How to Grill” and “Planet Barbecue” and now smoking.  He has won multiple James Beard awards, and actually will be joining us on WBZ, Newsradio 1030 to discuss the release of this new book, a beautifully written and illustrated companion book to his television show, with great pictures and easy to follow recipes.  Tune in on June 18 at midnight for this mouth-watering interview.

I have spent a lot of time deep in this book…but the cover alone sets you up with a mouthwatering picture of beef ribs.  The book really educates the reader about the science of smoking, and teaches you about the flexibility of the craft, from smoking vegetables and tofu, meats, sides, dessert and even cocktails.  You can’t go wrong with this book, whether novice or an advanced smoker.

Any fan of BBQ Pitmasters on the America Channel is familiar with Myron Mixon, allegedly the most-winning man in bbq.  He has gone old school with his book “BBQ Rules”, where he teaches us how to build an old-fashioned brick pit, burn down our own coals, and shares some of his Georgia “wisdom”.  Myron is a character and that comes through in his book.  If you want to know how to cook a whole hog, with some nice action photos, this is the book for you.

Will Budiaman, a writer for Bon Appetit and, has written his second book, “Be a BBQ Pitmaster”.  I think this is an interesting book for recipes, some traditional like beef ribs, and beer can chicken, to barbecue nachos and banana nut pie.  While it doesn’t have a lot of photos, and we eat with our eyes as much as our mouths, it does has a lot of detailed text, written in a light style.

We are lucky that right here in Brookline is the home of the great PBS show, “America’s Test Kitchen” and their publishing arm.  As any fan of the show knows, they test, and re-test, and test again any recipe they promote, and wrap it all in a big bundle of science.  When they produce a cookbook, and there are many, you cannot go wrong and though dense, the recipes are usually fool-proof.  So I was excited when they published this years “Master of the Grill”.  The book features great recipes, step-by-step instructions (some with step-by-step photos), a lot of explanations and plenty of reviews of gadgets and gear.  This is a must-buy for your griller or pitmaster.

Another book I am excited about is Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling by Meathead Goldwyn. Meathead has been running a phenomenal bbq-ing website,, for years, and has published a book that part review, part science, part recipe, and all-out fun.  I strongly recommend Meathead’s website and book for anyone interested in smoking and grilling, and learning what equipment is important (instant read thermometer) and what is not (a grill brush-we will talk about that later.)  Meathead’s book is for meat-lovers.

Until next time...keep it meaty!

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John J said...

Just got Meathead's book and I love it. Very entertaining & informative.

Raichlen's is next for me.