Saturday, March 21, 2015

Connoisseurs’ Corner, even more cheesy

I love a good cheese…the cheesier the better.

As we’ve discussed, we’re lucky to have great cheese availability.  Not only can you get decent cheese at Whole Foods and even Trader Joe’s, there’s a terrific cheese monger in Concord, aptly named “THE CHEESE SHOP OF CONCORD”.  With its selection of hundreds of domestic and imported cheeses, you’ll never fall into a cheese rut. In fact, its cheese-mongers have compiled a handy guide to sampling new versions of some of your favorite cheeses during 2015:

If you like Gorgonzola:
Try locally-made West West Blue. Veteran cheese-maker Peter Dixon makes this two-curd, gorgonzola-style raw cow's milk cheese at Parish Hill Creamery in Westminster West, VT. Firm and crumbly in texture, with a rich full flavor and a spicy, tangy finish.

If you like Gruyère:
Try Switzerland’s exclusive Gruyère Alpage. Produced according to a tradition dating back to the year 1115, this raw cow's milk cheese is cooked over an open fire at a minimum altitude of 2,900 feet, from the summertime milk of a single herd.  A true example of artisan cheese making and ancient tradition, where nature and humans are a team. 

If you like Cheddar:
Try the Cheese Shop Glory Cheddar, a raw cow's milk cheese made by Cabot and aged at the Jasper Hill Cellars in Vermont especially for The Cheese Shop of Concord. Distinctive for its rich, milky flavor and smooth, creamy texture, this medium-bodied cheddar is a crowd-pleaser.
The Cheese Shop of Concord
29 Walden Street
Concord, Massachusetts
(978) 369-5778 /

Goat cheese…

Because February and March are when female goats give birth, and because goats produce far more milk than their offspring require, the excess milk is turned into cheese. Most experts and enthusiasts agree that fresh goat cheese (chevre) tastes markedly better in the spring than at others times of the year.

Be on the lookout for fresh goat cheese produced by Massachusetts Cheese Guild’s members. Here are some examples, sold in better specialty shops and grocers, at farmers markets, and at the farms’ own stands. Locations can be found on the Massachusetts Cheese Guild website at

Chevre from Crystal Brook Farms, Sterling
Less than 3 days elapse between milking the goat and the finished cheese.  Talk about fresh!

Chevre from Valley View Farm, Topsfield
Also fresh artisanal goat feta, a camembert style, and goat Tomme. Sold primarily on the North Shore, but who wouldn’t want to seek out cheese made from the milk of does named Maple, Caramel Truffle and Milkshake? 

Capri brand chevre from Westfield Farms, Westfield
Available everywhere in 10 flavors including plain, Hickory Smoked, Wasabi and Chocolate

Thanks to Chris Lyons for this great information.

Hold on to your hats...even more on their way.

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