Saturday, April 16, 2011

Texas, part 2

Don’t think we ended Friday with just lunch…that would be like putting down a “Playboy” after looking at one picture. So I’ve heard.

Upon our entry into Austin, we checked in to a very upscale “Marriott Courtyard” down by the Convention Center, and only 2 blocks down from the in/famous “6th Street”. The quality of the hotel was enhanced by the presence of a full-service Starbucks in the lobby. I really love Texas.

Friday afternoon, we took a walk several blocks up to the Texas State House. While we really just popped our heads in, on the way out, we ran into this guy…clearly someone who had issues with lawyers. We chatted, and he was a funny guy. Told me he was “takin’ it to the streets”. Must be a Doobie Brothers fan…or just a fan of the “doobie”, as far as I could smell.

We opted for “Tex-Mex” on Friday night at the “Texas Chili Parlor”; an inner-city roadhouse. Very good chili, washed down with a couple of enchiladas and a Shiner Bock. A party in my mouth.

After dinner, we rode over to “H-E-B Central Market”, a very upscale supermarket on the order of “Whole Foods”, but with an even more extensive selection of produce and dry goods, as well as bulk spices and other items. It even had it’s own restaurant and ice cream stand/coffee bar. Great to visit and see what markets are like down south.

A long weekend of bbq debauchery awaited for us. The next day, another pilgrimage to Lockhart, and then a road trip ending in Driftwood. It was time to regroup and get ready to rumble, at least with my digestive system...

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