Friday, July 23, 2010

Brain dump...

Emptying out the cellar of my brain before the Fentanyl and Versed kick in…

I’m sitting here at the VA Hospital in Boston, waiting for the Senior Palate to come out from a routine medical test. As one frequent reader noted: “The VA Hospital is a second opportunity for a soldier to give his life for his country”. Actually, despite my good-natured teasing and commentary otherwise, the VA system, at least the one here in the Boston area, seems to be very thorough and accommodating for those that served.

Though I’m not a Republican, the cynic in me is wondering why President Obama isn’t down in Louisiana taking credit for those BP whores finally getting a cap on the oil leak. While the people in the Gulf Coast are suffering, and will continue to suffer immeasurably for years to come, the President is up in Maine playing 36 holes. Real leadership. I hear his approval rating is lower than Mel Gibson’s…

Speaking of Mel Gibson, never a more loving, gentle boyfriend there ever was. He might want to consider switching to decaf…and going back to Hell, which is apparently where he came from.

I recently purchased a Nook from Barnes and Noble. I’ve only downloaded two books (“Born to Run” and “The Lion”) and am really looking forward to getting into it more. This device could really change the way people read, if they read at all anymore. Of course, I bought it so I could say to Mrs. Palate: “Can I check out your Nook…?”

My town recently denied a liquor license to a bar ownership group because two of the three owners have multiple charges, and one has multiple convictions (the other has one conviction and a open case currently pending), for Operating Under the Influence of Liquor. I applaud the town for making the right decision. Granting a license to these guys is like granting a day care license to pedophiles.

Local Boston viewers…a certain television food reviewer is a fraud. How can you trust a show where the advertisers and in-studio guests are being reviewed and who would have thought-get great reviews? One of the places even named an appetizer after the show’s co-host and producer. Yeah, really trustworthy reviews. Remember, I’m indentured to no one, and stuff my face for you!

On that note, I have begun my Buffalo wings and Burrito Bash in preparation for my appearance on The Jordan Rich Show in October. If any of you have suggestions, or want to meet up with me and sample some places, feel free to email or post a comment.

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