Saturday, June 5, 2010

On the air!

Please join the party tonight on WBZ 1030am, or at midnight on The Jordan Rich Show, where I'll be talking with Jordan and guests about Italian food and other food-related topics. Over the next few days, I'll be posting a full report, along with recommendations as they come in tonight on the air.


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karyn212 said...

Hi Eric! Heard you with Jordan a couple of weeks ago. You mentioned an Italian restaurant that is a deli, and when you "go through the curtains to the back" there is a full fledged restaurant with tables and chairs, and Italian food to be relished. I have searched your blog, but can't find reference to it. We will be in town over the 4th of July weekend for 5 days, and would like to give it a try! Please email me at with the name of that restaurant, and we'll let you know how it compares to your own "Critical Palate". Thank you, Karyn Herrmann, Edina, Minnesota.