Saturday, October 31, 2009

Farewell my friend...

Please permit me to venture away from my usual critical self to honor and celebrate the life of a good man, my friend and teacher, Dr. George Marcus, who passed away unexpectedly last Saturday.

George was a great fan of this blog. He would often comment “I don’t know half the stuff you’re talking about, but it’s funny.” He would often encourage me to write more but also often chastised me for the food I would consume, but he did it with love. I think he would get a kick of me writing about him.

George touched many people. As the former director of Camp Tel Noar in New Hampshire, as well as being the Executive Director of the Cohen Foundation, he had the opportunity to touch, and enhance, the lives of many young people. His impact cannot be overstated; a Facebook group started in his memory went viral as soon as the word got out and in just a few short days, had over 650 members. Go to “RIP Dr. George Marcus” on Facebook and read what people say about this wonderful man.

I had the honor and privilege to deliver a eulogy for George this past Wednesday; it’s a honor I wish I never had to accept, but I was honored to be asked, and glad to be able to share some of my thoughts with the over 750 attendees. You read correctly-more than 750 people whom George touched in some way…a tragic loss, but a glorious send-off…exactly what he deserved. I was happy to play a small part, but will miss him terribly, as will everyone who knew him.

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