Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Now that Paparazzi and British Beer Works are opened, it means one thing: Framingham has even more restaurants and nowhere to eat. While I haven’t been to either yet, I’m not rushing because deep down inside me, in places we don’t talk about at parties, I know it’ll just be more of the same.

One of the more pleasant surprises in Framingham is The Aegean. This place has been around since Homer’s Odyssey, which may have even led him here for traditional Greek food.

The Aegean used to be a place for the “blue hairs”; people who ate here probably voted for John Adams. The menu had a decent selection of both Greek and American specialties (if you call a cheeseburger an “American Specialty”) and the prices were reasonable. Whenever we were sick growing up, my mother would always bring home some “chicken, egg, lemon soup” to make us feel better. Greek, not Jewish, penicillin.

A few years ago, The Aegean embarked on a move from the small crappy plaza to the former site of Chi-Chi’s. You know, nothing says “Baklava” like early Aztec kitsch décor. The Aegean gutted the place, rebuilt it, and re-opened their restaurant about 5 times the size of their previous location. With a beautiful bar and dining room, it became the place to go for the slightly younger than blue hair generation.

We don’t go often because they do not have a kid’s menu, and it is now a little pricey (someone has to pay for the HDTVs and Grecian urns). We did go there last week, and as always, the food was excellent and the service prompt and professional.

This time, I ordered “Mousaka”, which is like Greek lasagna. It’s ground beef, on top of potatoes, covered with a layer of eggplant and béchamel sauce. Served with rice or veggies, and with a Greek salad (with or without “fetid” cheese), it was a party in my mouth. Much better than “Christo’s” in Brockton. There is nothing “Stepford” about this place. With abundant, fresh and flavorful food, The Critical Palate gives The Aegean dyo anticheiros pano!

You’ve been great…enjoy Nana Mouskouri!

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of restaurants, we tried the new Pappa Razzi in Framingham just this week. The food and experience was identical to every other Pappa Razzi I've been in. Chalk one up for consistency, I guess. Like The Aegean, Pappa Razzi is expensive. For 2 adults and 1 child, the bill came to about $70, before tip! We won't go there often, you can be sure. But we will go back.