Thursday, February 22, 2007

Now starting a Guard, at 6’-4”, from Pepperdine University, Number Threeeeeeeeeeeeeee, D.J., Dennis Jooooooooooooooohnsoooooooooooooon…

My daughter (6 years old) throws out this comment while watching American Idol (regarding Fantasia, not knowing who she is): “I hope she gets sent home tonight.” I couldn’t agree more. How did she win? She’s the worst winner…She’s got the boob tattoo, and a big “tramp stamp” across her back. You can take the girl out of the trailer park…

I find myself checking the obituaries (the “Irish Sports Pages” according to my colleague Bill); unfortunately, I am starting to see people my age, or people that I associate with my youth, die, and if they’re going, who’s next?

This past week, a family friend/contemporary passed away, after a valiant 3-year battle with colon cancer. 40 years old, leaving two young children. Way too young. There’s never a good time to go, but this is way to young and close to home…

In the meantime, Britney Spears is still around and occupying a piece of my orbit…life is unfair.

Today, Dennis Johnson, basketball superstar from the 80s, from MY team, the Celtics (“Bird steals the inbounds…lays it over to DJ who lays it up and in, and the Celtics lead by 1…[you have to imagine Johnny Most screaming this at the top of his lungs…]), drops dead at 52 while coaching his basketball team in Austin, TX. Its depressing when sports figures from your youth start dropping. Of course, recently, it looked like DJ had eaten Rick Robey and Kevin McHale…

Watching American Idol is starting to make me feel old. When I hear Sundance sing “Knights in White Satin”, I know I love the song, but will anyone under the age of 40 connect with that? And I am not sure his look is working for him. He’s got a look—can’t really place it. Maybe “Psychotic Fat Amish Devil”? I’m gonna start calling him P-FAD for short. When Alaina sang the worst “Pretenders” song ever, I’m thinking that no one is connecting with this crap.

There was music, long before America Idol. So let me just send a reminder out to some people, like Ryan Seacrest, that before American Idol, there were a few other people that could sing:

1. Dr. Jennifer HOLIDAY--created the role of Effie, let it all out and won a Tony for her performance, THE performance of, “And I am Telling You…” Jennifer Hudson can’t wash Doc Holiday’s underwear…; LeKeisha was pretty damn good last night though. You gotta feel some personal pain to sing that, and she certainly appeared to;
This is the greatest performance of the song...sorry for the quality.

2. Shirley Bassey, Dinah Washington, 60’s Aretha, Lulu and Dusty Springfield;
3. Speaking of Lulu, I thought she was dead, but apparently, just her career, because she will be appearing on American Idol with Peter Noone, this season. I think Jasmine will whip out “To Sir, with Love”, and so will Randy (if you know what I mean)... Which guy will sing Henry the 8th and what will Paula whip out?
4. Personal favorite—Karen Carpenter. Tonal purity, and fun…probably would have lasted longer if she ate, but still created some great music;
5. So many more, such little Internet space…

In the past, Idol has brought out some heavyweights (in Stevie Wonder’s case, the Super Heavyweights, in more ways than one). This year, it’s a parade of losers and has-beens. Yes, Lulu, Peter Noone and Barry Gibb will be there, but the rest are totally forgettable. No Barry Manilow, no Rod Stewart?

By the way, Tony Bennett? He is like a dog-whistle to me. I can’t hear him?--totally lost on me. What’s the big deal about him? I see him, I want to run for the exits. “I left My Heart in San Francisco”? He left his voice there too, if he ever had one.

Until next time America, keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars…(now why can’t Ryan get a sign-off like that?)

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michmash said...

Dennis Johnson certainly was a great player, part of the best starting five ever. The 80's were great for the Celtics. The hot sweaty Garden, Kareem with an oxygen mask, the rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics, and you knew that if you gave the ball to Bird the team would win. I remember watching games at home and turning down the volume just so we could hear Johnny Most (certainly it wasn't because I wanted to hear my father yell at the tv, as if they could hear him) or if I was at the game everyone had radios so they could hear Johnny broadcast the game. Dennis Johnson played a huge role during those years, but people tend to forget he stabbed his wife and that wasn't so nice.

I am not really into American Idol this year, but I have seen bits and pieces. And from what I've seen the show is severely lacking in talent. But I guess it doesn't mean much because do we really care about the idols once the show is over. And Jennifer Hudson has shown us it doesn't matter what place you come in, you can achieve great professional success.

Music isn't make like it used to be, but doesn't every generation say that.

Casey Kasem-now whatever happened to him.

And I'm still outraged by the axing of Arrested Development!