Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Emptying the sock drawers of my mind….

Are the judges on American Idol deaf???!!! How did Rudy get this far? He sounds like a girl and dances like an albino monkey. “Free Ride”? You’ve gotten one so far. Simon is always right! Rudy…go home!

Speaking of Rudy, whatever happened to Keshia Knight Pulliam? Why not “That’s So Rudy”? She was nominated at 6 for an Emmy…c’mon, let’s give her a chance.

Why isn’t Dave Madden working anymore? Ruben Kincaid was THE “Jerry Maguire” of the entertainment industry in the early 70s. If he could get the Partridge Family booked, he could book anyone. Maybe Britney Spears could use a little of the Ruben Kincaid magic…

Sundance Head? What, was “B.J. Swallows” taken?

Went to Portsmouth NH over the weekend. Really enjoyed it there. Great, walkable city, coffee shops on every corner, nice restaurants. Shopped at a place called “Marco Polo” where they sell terrific plastic “turds” and a wind-up monkey doing something very off-color. Can’t wait to go back.

Elayne and I ate at the “Muddy River Smokehouse” on Friday night on Congress Street. It was really good, and for those that really know me, I am extremely critical of commercial BBQ-I can do usually do better. But, you can never go wrong at a place that serves beef ribs, even if they do sauce them. Big, meaty, messy ribs-it doesn’t get much better. Washed it down with a Smutty Nose IPA and some beans and cole slaw…a party in my mouth.

Paul Kim—next time choose a song in your range, and put your damn shoes on! You’ll need them to walk home, cause that’s where you’re headed…

Back to Portsmouth…ate at “The Blue Mermaid” on Saturday night. Featured on Rachel Ray’s tasty Travels. She says “Deeeeelishh”, Eric says “we wish”. Good, but not great.

As for our accommodations, we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn. Brand new, within a 2-minute walk of three coffee shops and a Starbucks. Nice place, enjoyed our time there…

Pricing at sporting events has gotten out of control. Lower seating level Celtics tickets cost $150 plus, $23 for parking, and who knows what else you get while you’re there, for a team that lost 18 in a row. I am glad I was there to see the streak broken, but how can a working family go to see a game at these prices? I guess the better question would be…why go at all?

I had great hopes for Nick Pedro from Taunton, Massachusetts. One wrong turn and he’s an extra on the Sopranos getting whacked and playing the role of “Johnny Cakes.” Given his performance tonight, maybe Silvio should take him for a ride into the Pine Barrens to meet with Adrianna…

Pitchers and catchers have reported, and position players are filing in. So long as Varitek hasn’t aged another five years this off-season, I think Dice-K may work out. Thankfully, there’s no World Baseball Classic, but I was ready to put my money on Israel.

I wish Sanjaya’s sister was still on Idol…but he sounds just like her…and she got cut!!!! Stevie Wonder is a musical genius…you’re not. Sanjaya—less and less, please!
Eddie Murphy goes from Dreamgirls and a potential Academy Award, to Norbitt. Someone speak to his agent, please! Bring back Hot Tub James Brown or Tyrone Green…the prison poet!

Jared Cotter stopped short of “%$ck In a Box” tonight. I’d like to stick all of him in a box and bury it.

Tom Brady…I guess it wasn’t just a good-bye hand-off in the backfield…

You’ve been a great audience…I’ll be here all week…try the veal.

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Anonymous said...

Portsmouth is a great town that went from a military town to a young, hip techie town between 1988 and 1995. Restaurants and a boom in residential values followed. Good landing spot for UNHers not ready to return to their MA roots.

I'm with you on commercial BBQ although Muddy River never knocked my socked off. I'll check it out again. I think of Portsmouth as a great place to get a quick snack or pretty basic chicken sandwich or burger not for fine dining but I'm a couple years behind.