Monday, February 26, 2007

And the losers are...anyone that stayed up.

A few random thoughts while watching the Oscars…

How does Will Ferrell keep getting work?

Jack Black too. The only thing good about “Nacho Libre” were the ones I was eating.

I cannot believe “The Danish Poet” won best animated short! Damn, I had my money on “Its Inoperable, Charlie Brown.” There goes $50…

“West Bank Story” looks like my type of movie. Like “West Side Story”, but with falafel and tefillin…look for the upcoming soundtrack, featuring Bernstein classics "Hora Overture", “Shabbos is Coming” and “Mustafa”.

Rachel Weisz-my favorite presenter so far…I can give you 36 reasons…

Whoa, Jackie Earle Haley…Kelly Leak has come a long way…or maybe not. Useful trivia alert--According to, I am a full inch taller than he is.

Quick shot of Jack Nicholson…looks like his body is as bloated as his ego. Probably on the Jerry Lewis diet.

Ooooh, Anne Hathaway…

Ok, now blowing my moment, so to speak, Tom Cruise.

I guess Jennifer Hudson never heard the expression “Act like you’ve been here before.” C’mon, with all the hype, she couldn’t have prepared a better speech. Oh well, at least she threw a shout-out to my girl Jennifer Holliday. I would have preferred Eddie Murphy winning.

The Inventor of the Internet and an Academy Award winner!!!!! Justice, Justice, thou shalt pursue!

First Tom Cruise, now worlds are colliding! I hate them both with the passion of a thousand burning suns! Nothing sucks the energy out of a room faster than Celine’s ego!

Do you think Chow Yun Fat understood that conductor?

With Michael Arndt winning, our people are really representing tonight!

Fresh from raiding Anne Baxter’s closet in her Ten Commandments dressing room…Jennifer Lopez.

Beyonce’ is doing a cheap imitation of Jennifer Holliday now.

Shalom Jodie Foster!!!! Go Yale!

Always sad to be reminded who died during the year. Don Knotts-one of the greatest supporting cast members of any show. 1961, 1962, 1963, 1966 and 1967 Emmys.

You really want to see Helen Mirren? Rent “Caligula”.

By all accounts, a nice guy, Forest Whittaker. Strange affect though.

Finally, Scorcese!

Interesting that Scorcese double-dips tonight. I don’t think it was his best movie…but, nice Boston feature.

You’ve been a great audience. Now, off to the movies.


michmash said...

My two cents about the Oscars are this....Jennifer Hudson..I'm sorry, I'm happy she won, but she needs some class lessons I heard her on the preshow on E and the jacket from her dress, what was that. Speaking of dresses, I thought Penelope Cruz's was the best and Nicole Kidman looked like a Christmas present with that huge red bow on her shoulder. And what was with her and Gwenyth Paltrow making sure their straight hair was only on one side. Didn't care for that. Alan Arkin-okay loved the move Little Miss Sunshine, the movie was good, the cast worked well together, and that little girl is adorable, but Alan was only in the movie for about 10 minutes, must have been an age thing. I agree about Jack Nicholsan, what happened to him? All the montages..I'm surprised they didn't have a montage for the montages. The show was way too long and who knew the writer for Little Miss Sunshine used to be Matthew Brodericks assistant. A good night for our kind...when is it not. West Bank Story does look interesting though. I thought Ellen was okay too much about the nominees at the beginning I was having a flashback to Uma/Oprah. Granted she was scripted, but I do feel she played it safe. I was glad Al Gore won, I like him and I liked the movie. You have to admit Celion Dion was good. No need for Tom Cruise though. His star power is lost. Jennifer Lopez usually looks much better, didn't care for her dress. Not a huge fan of Jada Pinkett Smith, but Will Smith and their son are cute. I was flipping back and forth on the preshow from E to TV guide with Joan and Melissa Rivers. Someone show those two the door. Melissa is talking fashion, her hair looked terrible. I liked Reese Witherspoons dress, and I thought Helen Mirren looked great. I usually like Kate Winslet's look, but she looked kind of pale in that color. I wasn't able to stay up for Forest Whittaker's speech, but he does seem like a nice guy.
At least there was no Julia Roberts and her horse mouth. Poor Clint, he couldn't see without his glasses and sounded like a guy just getting older and mumbling his words. And does he know Italian or was it translated on the teleprompter? Love Steve Carrell, gave a shout out to Marshfield on the preshow on E. And who is Sally Kincaid she said some rabbi made her dress. Cameron Diaz, what was that dress. A starched sheet? I mean wow-terrible. How much botox, collagen, and restalyn was in that audience? Was Ben Affleck mad he wasn't in the departed? And how come people who can afford the dresses, jewelry, and all the stuff that comes in a swag bag get it for free? Doesn't seem fair. Well, that's all for now.

Ray K. Product Development Mgr said...

Will Ferrel? There IS no explanation why he keeps churning 'em out. He's like Adam Sandler--totally without discernible talent. Jack Black could still do something good: I think he's just been terminally unselective about his projects to date.

Eddie Murphy? Sorry--another one deserving of the unemployment line, despite a (finally!) watchable performance in Dreamgirls.

Can't comment on Danish Poet, but have you seen the Triplets of Belleville? Worth a look. Let me know if West Bank Story is any good.

Agree that Nicholson looks like a cancer survivor--he's done some tasty stuff, though.

Agree that Jennifer Huson has the polish of your typical 11 year old, but she can belt out those notes. Corrolary: the screechfest with Beyonce was WAY over the top.

I also hate Celine Dion but I've got to admit, she came across as a competent singer.

Where IS Jodie Foster these days, anyway? Another one who's got some great stuff ahead of her

Mrs. Will Smith: scary. Gwyneth Paltrow: less scary than remembered.

I thought that Jerry Seinfeld was pretty much on his game but, then again, much as I hate to admit it, but I actually enjoyed most of Ellen's schtick

Eric Weinstein said...

Ray: Agree about Beyonce...she should go back to Destiny's Child.

I thought Jerry was a little off his game and out of his element.

Celine Dion--I'd rather have a tooth pulled.