Sunday, December 12, 2010

Berenstain Bears get religion…

I recently saw a story that the publisher for the “Berenstain Bears” moved the bear books to their religious books division for a 12 book series, which issued some new titles, such as “The Berenstain Bears say their prayers” or “The Berenstain Bears go to Sunday School.”

The bears hold a special place in our house. Both my kids loved these stories, the videos and the read-along books on tape. Their wholesome (but not religious), humanistic message taught acceptance, respect, manners and positive family values. We love the Bears!

Over the years, I did notice that the cubs never really grew up. I think it’s high time that they do and the authors start writing about growing up in Bear County. I think there must be some bears from the wrong side of the woods…bad influences, so to speak. So sit a spell, grab a six-pack of “hard honey”, and enjoy some the new titles I’d like to see: “Sister Bear is caught ‘sexting’”; “Brother Bear tries ‘Crank’”; “That ain’t honey in Papa Bear’s jug” and “Mama Bear and her crystal meth lab…” Considering the Bears have been around since 1964, but just had another baby just a few years ago, maybe “Papa Bear gets a vasectomy” or “Mama Bear tries the NuvaRing” are in order.

I have a feeling the publisher will be going in a slightly different direction from my suggestion. Probably a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

We just read a Berenstain Bears book, given to us by your family!