Monday, September 10, 2012

Thank, you, thank you

Got a nice email as a result of the radio show:

"Hi Jordan,

just have to comment on last night's program.
 Truly enjoyed the interaction between you and Eric.  Laughed out loud at the humor exhibited by both of you throughout the program.
 Like one of your callers, I too, was salivating as the various sandwiches were described.

 Everything "clicked" last night.  Great synergy between you and your guest, the callers and the producers around the topic; music selections were also great.  This must have been one of your best and a personal favorite of yours.

 Look forward to Eric's return, and I am sure it will be just as much fun.  I have skimmed through his web site and will be spending more time there.

You and Eric may find "The Rochester NY Pizza Blog" (An exploration of pizza in and around Rochester, NY, one pizzeria at a time) of interest:


Eric says:  Mike, thanks for the kind words.  Since I occasionally spend time in Rochester, I will check out your blog...always need to find places to eat up there other than Dinosaur BBQ.

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