Monday, May 2, 2011

The Final Countdown…

Well, the end came too soon if you ask me. While it would be nice to get home to Mrs. Palate and the kids, there was still more bbq to consume and opinions to render (and I’ve been known to render a few). However, work and other responsibilities beckon, and while I could just keep waddling from joint to joint, all good things must come to an end. But not without one last hurrah!

Like the other days, we got up and out early. After checking out of the hotel with the requisite last visit to Starbucks, we hit the road for “The County Line” in Austin. County Line, like “Rudy’s” (see earlier post) is part of a small chain. However, unlike Rudy’s, the County Line seems to have retained a little of its “joint”-like feel from its origins.

Separating the County Line from the others was carpeting, literally. It was the only place that actually had a carpeted dining room. Our table overlooked a hilly vista onto Texas Hill Country, and it was slightly incongruous to be eating messy bbq with such a beautiful view on carpeting. I would think that Stanley Steamer is on-call.

Unfortunately, the County Line was the weak link in the bbq chain. The food was good, but not great, and other than the view, the only other exceptional item, for me, was the cole slaw. Sides tend to take a back seat in Texas, but for me, it’s nice to have something to sample other than meat. I enjoy a good side of beans or cole slaw as much as the next guy, and the County Line takes the blue ribbon for best side. I was hoping for better, but still, not a bad way to end.

Next post will be my final observations, but here’s something to chew on…the worst bbq meal in Texas is better than anything I’ve ever had here in Massachusetts or across the Northeast-it was even better than the bbq I had in Columbia, MO or St. Louis while I was away in law school. BBQ is in their blood down there, and they just know how to do it right.

Until next time America…eat well, eat often!

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