Monday, February 9, 2009

Customer Feedback Making a Difference...

John Harvard's...they listen!

Received today, from the general manager:

I thought you would find this interesting. I was never particularly fond of the item that you had the unusual experience with here about a month and a half ago (the forgettable Au Poivre Burger). We have been running a "Black & Blue Burger" as a lunch special lately with the motivation of coming up with an item that could supplant the Au Poivre.

We dust the burger with blackening seasoning, top it with blue cheese crumbles and serve it on our well known foccacia bread with chipotle mayonnaise, and the standard lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle accompaniment.

Our Corporate Chef was here on Wednesday, we did a side-by side taste test and the Au poivre Burger is going away. This change will take place this Wednesday, February 11.

Thanks for making me want to get rid of it. A single experience can make a difference."

Witness, the power of the Palate!

Now, let's go give it a try.

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