Monday, March 10, 2008


I think its important to set the stage with a clip from a Steakhouse's own website:

Welcome to "X" Steak House. We invite you to enjoy a unique dining experience featuring fine, aged beef and chops, fresh seafood and 5 star service in a sophisticated ambiance at affordable prices. "X" Steak House is elegant enough to entertain business clients or celebrate a special occasion yet, affordable enough to dine at frequently. Our devoted, and well-trained staff, strives to accommodate each guest and fulfill special requests.

Eric says…unless your special request is a edible steak!

We took our son there for his 12th birthday this past Saturday, and I’ll explain by cutting right to the chase: I ordered my rib-eye steak “medium”. I wouldn’t think that’s too hard for the kitchen staff. When our food came out, while the sides were hot, my steak was room temperature at best; it was cold on the plate and cold on my palate. Everyone else’s food seemed to be fine, but mine was cold. So, I sent it back. (Two asides here-1) our server was very pleasant and helpful, and 2) this is the second time I’ve eaten here and had to send my steak back due to temperature issues. I don’t understand this…the steak is cooked, put on a plate, and presented to the diner. If it has to be “held” while other meals are cooked, then the timing in the kitchen needs to be re-worked).

Oddly, within a minute or so, our server appeared with the steak, telling me that they heated it up. Well, if you had seen this thing now, you wouldn’t feed it to my sister’s dog, and he’s blind and has no sense of smell-lucky for him. Whatever came out of the kitchen was now grey, and strangely, wet and glistening. I should note here that when it came out the first time, it looked a little dry, without much juice on the plate; it struck me as odd that after sending it back, it returns to me looking like it took a shower.

When I took the first bite, nervously, I was unpleasantly surprised. Whatever happened in the kitchen, it apparently had no impact on the temperature of the meat, as it was perhaps even cooler than before, but now, it was also incredibly greasy. The texture was inedible. Greasy, as if covered in oil, slimy and cold…like phlegm.

I pushed the plate away, and when the server came by later on, I told her my thoughts about the steak, and she sent a manager over to discuss this; he told me that he checked in on the kitchen about the steak. He told me that they coated the steak in oil, and then threw it on the grill; frankly, the way it looked, microwave would be more like it.

But why coat it in oil? I ordered the fattiest cut of beef on the menu (the Ribeye, because “the flavah’s in the faaaaaaaaaaat”) so it doesn’t need any more fat on it. “Excuse me, I’ll take the ribeye with extra fat, and a side of sautéed Lipitor, please”. Second, I cannot believe it went back on the grill. While not as bad as a double-dip, my fork was in that steak a few times, and then in my mouth, so apparently, everyone who ate food prepared on that grill that night is now walking around with a little of my DNA. But so too am I, for if they did it to me, kind reader, they did it to others. That is just too much for me to bear.

While I don’t want to pile on, let me digress and talk about my daughter’s dinner, that she didn’t eat. They don’t really have a kids’ menu, but they do offer some kid-friendly items. Tovah ordered a cheeseburger, and we asked for American cheese. When the burger came out, it was on a sourdough roll (a flavor profile many kids don’t yet enjoy) and it was smothered in Boursin cheese. Yeah, like that’s just like American. That’s like saying Green Day is just like The Beatles. Between the cheese and the roll, she just couldn’t eat it. She ended up eating some of Elayne’s meal. We didn’t complain about the burger, mostly because the meal was already taking way to long. I needed to end the agony.

Let me conclude by saying that this is the third time, and last, that we dined there. The first time we went, we paid a bill of $82.15, and they made change for $83.00, without any coin. Not that it’s a lot of money, but the causal arrogance that they could keep the money was irritating, and the manager’s non-response that time was amazing. The last two times, I sent my meat back because it was cold, and one of my dinner companions noted that when the meat came, even though three of us ordered ribeyes, they all looked different. At a restaurant that claims to serve high-end food, I expect the cuts of beef to look the same. Hopefully, it all came from a cow.

This last time was my tipping point. Three strikes and I’m out. With so many other dining choices, why do I need to waste my money and time at this place?

Its predecessor, Desmond O’Malley’s, was common, and mediocre, but you knew what you were getting when you walked in. This place is a fraud, a wannabe, a pretender and a poser among restaurants.

I say bring back York Steakhouse…and avoid Metro-Nein!

You’ve been great…enjoy Brewer & Shipley…

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Anonymous said...

First of all, the dog is blind and deaf, he can smell just fine. However, I agree, I wouldn't have fed it to my dogs, they deserve better. And I think it's a wannabe too. Also, as an aside, they offer highchairs, but no changing station in the bathroom. Now I realize they don't expect too many kids to go there, but if you're offering highchairs because you think there might be a possibility of a small child coming for dinner, offer a changing station in the bathroom! Maybe it's time to go Vegetarian!